Something Awesome: Catching up with comics


This is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now. At first I was worried about revisiting certain comics or artists so soon after I’d first written about them. However I’ve always believed that it’s important to offer continued support and exposure rather than covering something once and leaving it to twist in the wind. So, here are three comics I’ve written about this year that need updated information or other small things that are interesting, but don’t necessarily warrant a full post in their own right.

“The roadside weeds became part of them”- Nonsense’s new home

If you’re looking for Francis Marshall’s comic Nonsense that I covered early this year, then it is indeed back and being updated regularly! The first arc is now complete with Marshal having gone back and redrawn the original handful of pages, with a few tweaks in the story. While it omits a character I talked about originally, it does make the story a lot more focused. Showing the effects of anxiety with an unmistakably dour British outlook, it’s definitely worth catching up on.

Be sure that you update your bookmarks as it now resides on it’s own tumblr rather that the site I originally listed. My previous pieces on Nonsense and the short comic Solstice can be found here and here.

“Something sensed but unseen”- Emily Rose Lambert’s extended Dreamscape

At the start of July I covered a small comic I became quite enamoured by, Emily Rose Lambert’s Dreamscape. In time for the Shake Bristol ‘zine fair last weekend Emily drew and printed an extended version, now eight pages long with a thick cardstock cover.

She was kind enough to send me a copy in the post this week along with a very touching note and a copy of her adorkable teeny-tiny mini comic, Feel Better. This cute little comic stars a melancholy elephant as he seeks the aid of others to, well, feel better. Both will soon be available, so keep an eye on Lambert’s site over the next few weeks.

“Heelface turn. Between the rowdy randles”- Wrestling with Rory Morris and J Bearhat’s new comic, Small Teeth

I have a tendency to over think the majority of my articles or go overboard and write way, way more than anyone would reasonably expect. So with the post about Rory Frances’ “Boys Are Slapstick” I wrote it over an hour one afternoon, said all I had to say about his comic and posted it before I had a chance to worry about it. The post has literally had more views than most of the other posts combined and has been viewed at least once a day since it was posted, go figure.

While I still intend to write about his longer ongoing comic, Big Teeth when he returns to it I’m still thoroughly enjoying the shorter comics he’s producing in the interim. Little Teeth is Frances’ latest comic scripted this time around by ‘zine maker J BearhatI’m reliably informed by Rory that the ‘teeth’ connection in the title is purely coincidental and the comics unrelated beyond featuring another cast loveable, anthropomorphic, unlucky in love slackers. Rendered in reds and blacks it’s another example of Morris’ eye-catching art style.



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