Webcomic spotlight: Francis Marshall’s Solstice


Francis Marshall’s web-comic “Nonsense” recently went on a short hiatus, and it turns out that during this time he was working on another, more personal comic entitled Solstice. While I wouldn’t attempt anything like a longer more formal ‘review’, I still thought it was worth pointing out on here and I’ve been intending to post about it since it came out a few weeks back. Upon reading it back for a second time it struck me just how much it resonates with me.

Solstice features two avian characters meeting up and spending a day together after some time apart. Towards the end there is a definite sense of unease from one the pair, of not quite being in the moment. In knowing that this perfect moment will eventually end. I mentioned it to my partner, in broad strokes, explaining a little of the themes and the feel of it and “Oh! Just like us!” was his reply. He’s right, it does remind me of the beginnings of our relationship. The days of not having a place to ourselves, train, journeys and limited funds. Desperately trying to get the chance to get together and when we did that dreamy sense of time when it seems to both simultaneously pass you by too fast and stretch out forever.

It’s truly breathtaking when someone seemingly takes something from your own life and articulates it so perfectly and in solstice I think Francis has excelled in wonderfully capturing a universal, youthful experience that many, including myself will be able to strongly relate too.



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