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A brief weekly rundown of recommendations of new releases I’m intrigued by, excited for and will be grabbing off the shelves to curl up with every new comics day before delving into them later in the week! Have you hugged your comics store owner today?



“The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – Marcus Aurelius.

Mister Miracle 1- DC Comics

From the unravelling of the best made plans or mice and sythanoids, deep dissections of the inherent darkness of Batman’s sprawling playground to the horrors or armed conflict, Tom King has quickly proven himself to be one of the comic industries top talents. This time he delves back into DC’s roster for a politically charged take on the master of escapism, Mister Miracle.

Part of Jack Kirby’s sprawling Fourth World saga, the future Mister Miracle, Scott Free is imprisoned on the tartarus planet of Apokolips before escaping to the sanctuary of New Genesis. This twelve issue series promises to explore Mister Miracle, still haunted by his time on Apokolips and take the cosmic grandeur of Kirby to tell a trademark personal King story. Early previews show Mitch Gerads, artist on King’s Sheriff of Babylon, using an impressive and immersive range of comic visuals from Ben-Day dots, watercolours and other visual distortions to give Miracles adventures a rougher, grounded feel.

King is a master of heady yet accessible storytelling and his new series is already garnering a lot of pre-release buzz and should be a great entry point for readers like myself who have yet to full dive into the world of one of comics true greats.



“They don’t even know what it is to be a fan. Y’know? To truly love some silly little piece of music, or some band, so much that it hurts” -Sapphire (Almost Famous)

The Wicked and the Divine 30- Image Comics

Magic, music and mayhem continue to lead the cast of Gillen and McKelvie’s Wicked and Divine on a merry and mystical dance. Continuing the pairs Imperial Phase arc the focus this issue is on Dionysus. Drawing on Gillen’s obvious passion for music with knowing nods with musical archetypes and subcultures, the series has offered a real world hook before Gillen lays his deeply intricate mythos of gods, humans and the music that irrecoverably ties their fates together. 

Wicked and Divine is akin to falling in love with the music again, each and every issue and like the rest of his comics perfectly capture the energy, pain and passion of loving a band or song.



The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 23- Marvel Comics

Although solicitations, especially Marvel ones, are usually the place for hyperbole, bombast and grandiose statements, describing North and Henderson’s Unbeatable Squirrel Girl as “the complete package, really” rings true! Come on folks, stop being so self deprecating, it really does have it all! Friendship! Fun! Computer Science! Dinosaurs?

Yeah, if you expected fourteen years of hilarious Dinosaur comics to have gotten giant reptiles out of his system, then think again as this issue continues Doreen and Nancy’s trip to the Savage Lands (that of X-men and big freakin’ dinos fame!) after taking a break from school and thankfully the off putting events of Marvel’s Secret Empire. Brilliantly presented as a pun filled Dino theme park, the pair are tasked with saving it and all it’s Triassic glory. While Henderson’s art ranges detailed to deceptively simple when letting a joke or scene breathe, last months issue really let her indulge with spreads and spreads of squirrel and giant lizard fun!





First Impressions: Magnetic Press upcoming Releases

First Impressions

It’s telling just how much of the limelight the larger comics companies take up online, that up until last week I’d never heard of Magnetic Press before. Their newly announced titles for 2015 are a strong mix of sci-fi and fantasy with two of them featuring lycanthrophy. Seriously, why have I never heard of this company before? I’m not going to be too hard on myself as this is only the companies second year. Mostly dealing with bringing foreign language and European titles to a wider market, the company has already released twelve titles as well as forty four digital ones in it’s first year alone.

Looking through their catalogue from last year the quality of their hardback editions are luxurious to say the least. Hardback, rounded corner, gloss elements on cover and thick paper stock. Their presentation of the material can only be described as lavish.

Going into it’s second year, it seems the company is extending it’s roster once again with another ten titles. While Magnetic Press has only revealed a few details with the promise of more information in the coming weeks, there are already a few titles that I am interested in and will definitely be checking out when they are released.

Klaw-French Edition cover- illustrated by Joel Jurion and written by Antoine Ozenam.

Klaw-French Edition cover- illustrated by Joel Jurion and written by Antoine Ozenam.

Klaw, illustrated by Joel Jurion and written by Antoine Ozenam.

Teenager Angel Tomassini has been hiding a dark and scary secret: when threatened he involuntarily turns into a violent and vicious Weretiger. He doesn’t know why, how, or what to do, because when he transforms, he loses control and people end up badly hurt. As if this isn’t enough for a kid to deal with, Angel is slowly learning his father is one of the biggest organized crime leaders in the city. And are there more like him? Are there… different creatures too?

Oh please, let there by other creatures too! A showing of An American Werewolf in London at a friends house at an impressionable age means I am forever obsessed with Lycanthropy and shape shifting. Apparently Klaw has been around in French for quite some time now, even the press release describes it as “wildly world-popular”. Which makes it baffling that I’ve never heard of it before. Belonging to a fandom that pounces on anything with even a whiff an anthropomorphism, I’m a little surprised that no one else has pointed this out to me, even more so having attended European conventions before.

From a little scouring about it seems that Magnet Press will be releasing the first five issues of this as a hardback graphic novel. Not speaking any French I can’t comment on any of dialogue from the pages I found online, but the artwork is simply gorgeous, really vibrant and dynamic. With four “tomes” of material already out there, this will hopefully be a series to enjoy for a long time to come.

From the original French language edition

From the original French language edition

From the original French language edition

From the original French language edition

Love: The Fox- French Edition Cover-illustrated by Federico Bertolucci and written by Frederic Brremaud.

Love: The Fox- French Edition Cover-illustrated by Federico Bertolucci and written by Frederic Brremaud.

Love: The Fox, illustrated by Federico Bertolucci and written by Frederic Brremaud.

The second volume in the award winning, lushly illustrated, wordless graphic novel series, Love: The Fox follows a spry, intrepid, one-eyed fox during an average day of foraging when a natural disaster erupts. Readers are taken on a thrill ride as animals of all shapes and sizes react to the danger, but the fox inexplicably runs towards the fire, braving daunting obstacles and even larger predators to reach a desperate location in the heart of the storm

Like Klaw this one’s been available in France and Germany for an age now. This wordless tale is a day in the life narrative following, you guessed it, a fox. Completely without dialogue it’s the breathtaking artwork from Bertolucci that tells the story here and as usual I’m fascinated to see how artists convey emotions in a purely visual manner. As with Klaw and this being the second volume of  this series, it already has the selling point of having more to follow. With the third in the series, Love Lion already completed and the fourth, featuring a T-rex being finished by Bertolucci in the very near future. Even though it doesn’t have the issues surrounding translation it does appear to be out of print. Even if that wasn’t the case, after seeing Magnetic’s website I’d still rather have waited on their plush hardback version.