Wednesday Adventures 12th September




A brief weekly rundown of recommendations of new releases I’m intrigued by, excited for and will be grabbing off the shelves to curl up with every new comics day before delving into them later in the week!; Have you hugged your local comic store owner today?


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 36- Marvel

Nuff Said! The often uttered phrase from Stan’s soapboxes lead to the gauntlet being thrown down by Joe Quesada to see who was more important to the creation of comics, the artist or the writer (answer: Unsurprisingly, It’s both!) and challenged various artists to “see what they got” across various tittles including Uncanny X-Men and Spider-Man. That’s the story at least and while it’s gimmicky and lead to some mixed results,they are never the less some of the more interesting comics. This time around North and Charm’s hilarious title teams up with Tony Stark and Doreen in an adventure that sees the team falling silent in the face of a new adversary.

Squirrel Girl has more laughs per panel then any other comic (scientifically proven, go check) and often that’s in no small part to North’s whip sharp dialogue, so if nothing else it will be interesting to see the writer challenge himself telling a story that doesn’t rely on his trademark witty exchanges between the colourful cast!


Iceman 1- Marvel

The last thing many of us expected from another silly time travel story and Marvel’s attempt to have it’s cake and eat it by having both the modern and and more classic X-men teams around was a furore about the sexuality of one of it’s oldest characters,Bobby Drake. Typing it like that three years later in light of the arguments still raging around comics and comicsgate sounds almost adorably quaint.

Even then I found it hard to get worked up about and at least thought it was interesting for a character I’d spent very little time with beyond the films and on the surface a lot less clunky then attempts like Green Lantern over at DC. I was at least intrigued in how the younger coming out affected the older and the commentary on how both were impacted by the time they were from and the period of time they’d come to,one that was (theoretically) more accepting. I genuinely didn’t mind Bendis making the subtext text and outing him as a gay man and felt that Jean Grey being a teenager and “outing” him clumsily and against his will spoke more of them being young and rough around the edges,rather then a nasty statement from the characters or creators.

While his solo series seemed dead in the water with Marvel execs blaming failing sales on this and recent changes, disappointingly declaring “people didn’t want any more diversity”, trade sales have apparently been healthy enough for the company to give Bobby another try at a solo outing this month. Once again headed by writer Sina Grace who has stated his intends to explore “how he can be a shining beacon to the gay community”. No matter what the impetus for the change Sina along with artist Nathan Stockman (X-Men Blue, Dr Strange) seems genuinely invested in making Iceman a positive LGBT character going forward.




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