Wednesday Adventures 18th July



A brief weekly rundown of recommendations of new releases I’m intrigued by, excited for and will be grabbing off the shelves to curl up with every new comics day before delving into them later in the week! Have you hugged your local comic store owner today?



Skyward 4- Image

Henderson and Garbett are slowly but surely building up and expanding on the premise of Skyward and it’s ‘low g’ world, with every issue bringing an interesting new concept to the forefront alongside the rip roaring action, simultaneously exploring the ramifications for those left living after the event’s of ‘G day’ and the story of Willa,who has quickly become embroiled in plots from parties wanting to either restore the earths gravity or keep the current status quo, both, unsurprisingly for their own financial gain.

Four issues in and the team are still crafting a story that like it’s protagonist floats effortlessly between the childlike wonderment of flying and low gravity parkour that the younger characters experience and the scars left by the devastation of the world changing event, felt by those who were old enough to experience it first hand. A great deal of this is from Garbett’s striking artwork, juxtaposing both sides of this new world from the gorgeous mid air acrobatics with images of terrified people floating of into space, capturing both the excitement and horror of this upside down world.

With more ideas then it possibly knows what to do with, Skyward feels like a world that could be explored for along while to come, without ever seeming gimmicky in any way. Issue four looks set to deliver on more of it’s breathtaking and gently frightening world as Willa heads out of the relative safety of the city into the wider world, where the sky is even more dangerous then ever.



Royal City 12- Image

Ever since Essex County through to The Farm of superhero epic Black Hammer, Lemire has always made the locations and geography  of his stories as much  characters as much as any of his human protagonist. The crumbling, fading glory of Royal City is no exception. The perfect backdrop for his slowly unfolding family drama, populated with the deeply complex and richly fleshed out residents that keeps you coming back month after month in an attempt to understand and pick apart their puzzling inner lives and secretive pasts.

Lemire’s intimate and heart wrenching story of a family torn apart by tragedy continues and while it has been a series I’ve had to have on the day of release since it’s debut issue. It’s twelfth issue, even more so. It’s rare a comic can make me audibly gasp and then bring me almost to the brink of tears, but the shocking revelation of Clara’s daughter’s relationship to the rest of the Pikes is one that did just that, and left me eager to see how it will change the families already fractured dynamic going forward.


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