Wednesday Adventures- 27th June



A brief weekly rundown of recommendations of new releases I’m intrigued by, excited for and will be grabbing off the shelves to curl up with every new comics day before delving into them later in the week! Have you hugged your local comic store owner today?



Multiple Man 1- Marvel Comics

Through the various incarnations of the X-Factor all the way to the haunting image of piles of his killed by the Terrigen Mists, Madrox has always been one of my favourites among the X-men’s huge roster of mutants. So it was little disheartening to see him unused for so long only to appear and quickly pop his clogs in the “Death of X” story line. As any good Marvel fan knows you can’t keep a good mutant (or profitable IP) down for very long as the Multiple Man returns from his two year dirt nap this week with the team of Rosenberg and Macdonald’s new miniseries.

Already no stranger to the X-Men franchise with the writer currently penning the “New Mutants: Dead Souls” series, Rosenberg looks to be leaning hard into the problem of Jamie being, well…dead, hinting that the series will focus heavily on his grizzly and untimely on Muir Island and ultimately how to keep himself that way. Rosenberg has a darkly comedic style I can see lending itself well to Madrox as he grapples with mortality and mysterious mutants hot on his trail.




Sex Criminals 25- Image Comics

I’ve wavered back and forth like a maniac over Fraction and Zdarsky’s most recent arc declaring myself done with the series more than a few times, but much like Jon and Suzie, I find myself unable to resist Sex Criminals many enduring charms even as it plunges into more downbeat and sombre subject matter with at times a much more disjointed storytelling even as far was last issues “previously on” cutting to the point with a short and terse “Everyone’s miserable”. Yet, while I’ve found much of Sex Criminals initial energy missing with this story arc, at it’s core there is still a comic with an important and positive message to impart which makes it a  book that is damn hard to stay upset with. “Five Fingered Discount” draws to an end with Myrtle Spurge reluctantly turning Sex Criminal herself after butting heads with her thoroughly dislikable former boss, Kuber Badal and hopefully the much needed reconciliation of Jon and Suzi we’ve all secretly,desperately been pinning away for these last five issues.



Marvel Two–In-One 7

Two-in-one and two for three for Chip with this week’s purchases as I found myself quickly and quietly obsessed with his Human Torch and Thing driven series after reading last weeks surprisingly touching annual and it’s war of words between Victor Von Doom and his longtime adversary. Anyone who thought Marvel’s first family would be missing from the comics landscape for very long or brought down by a lacklustre silver screen outing is clearly kidding themselves.

While we can probably expect the remaining members impending return to be the usual Marvel wallet draining next big event, it’s surprising that what could have been just an exercise in keeping two of team in publication or just a cynical cash-in has been an exciting and thoughtful series from Zdarsky whose writing on this and Spectacular Spider-man has proven his writing skills match his considerable art talents.



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