Something Awesome: The Minicomic of the Month Club 2015 presents teeny tiny comics from the land down under



Having missed out on this for the last few years, the return of the Minicomics of the Month Club is something I’ve eagerly waited the return of. Having heard good things about it from a few sources including the now defunct Non-Canonical podcast it’s a subscription based comic club that combines my two favourite things, comics and receiving things in the post.

Started in 2012 by Andrew Fulton ,each year it showcases  the work of 12 or so Australian comics creators who each produce a comic which is mailed out to you. This year it features the works of Matt Emery, Tom Eccles, Ashley Ronning, Joshua Santosspirito, Kathy Sarpi, Freda Chiu, Catriona Drummond, Jo Waite, Aaron Billings, David Blumenstein, Gemma Flack and Andrew Fulton.

If like myself you want to try and expand your horizons in terms of small press comics but are also chronically indecisive this seems like the prefect opportunity. It’s cheap too, working as a subscription service it runs $32 if you are in Australia or New Zealand,$48 anywhere else in the world. The range of creators and styles is wildly varied and the examples of show look terrific. I’ve looked at the front page of this years club and nothing else. Part of me wants each of them to be a complete surprise when they arrive in the post without colouring my impressions and peaking before hand. Going on what I have  seen, a lot of last years entrants were really excellent I trust this this years to be as awesome and wide ranging.

I might possibly make it a regular section on here every month when the arrive. So if having a random comic arrive on your doorstep every month from far flung lands sounds like your thing then you should get in quick as subscriptions are limited and finish at the end of September.

Available from the Minicomic of the Month 2015 website.


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