Something Awesome: When Superheroes need help, they call..Damage Control!


It turned out that a member of my boyfriends role-playing group is a huge fan of comics, particularly Marvel. It’s something I often forgot because despite talking often and knowing I read and write about comics, we rarely end up talking about them. His area of expertise is the bonkers 70’s cosmic Marvel titles, way before Guardians of the Galaxy threw them back into the spotlight. Like myself he also likes the strange little oddities and cult classics that feature the more unusual aspect of the Marvel Universe.


When Daredevil came out we both ended up independently making a joke about how Damage Control should be cleaning up New York and not Wilson Fisk. With the propensity for Easter eggs in their film and TV shows I was half expecting at least a throw away line or a little reference in the background to keep the Marvel Zombies on their toes. Started in 1988 Damage Control is one such quirky title about a specialist clean up and construction team called in whenever a superhero fight causes the inevitable wide scale destruction and property damage. They make the repairs and clean up, presumably so the costumed lunatics can knock it all down again the next week. They’ve had about four series through the years, most of them oddly enough lasting four issues. While nothing is truly ever obscure these days it’s not a property you see mentioned very often despite showing up as recently as World War Hulk and even Civil War.

Grant Morrison often talks about functioning comic book universes with layers and layers of detail and the idea of an entertaining comic book, and an universe explanation for the rebuilding is just my kind of weird. I was reminded of them today while searching for Squirrel Girl, which lead me onto the equally bizarre West Coast Avengers and decided to see if any of the comics were for sale. I expected to have to hunt down single issues as Wikipedia doesn’t list a trade collection. Probably not surprising as it’s being released this October!


Damage Control #1- the artwork for the trade to be finalised

Is there such a huge fan base for it to reprinted? Could they be planning something else for Damage Control? Perhaps even stranger is that Drew Pearce, director of Iron Man 3 when asked what property he’d like to work on out of all the Marvel comics, named Damage Control as a possible contender for a film. It seems more suited to a Netflix series but either way a huge part of me would love to see if the MCU magic would work on a book about construction workers and corporate intrigue.


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