Webcomic Spotlight: Eve G and her Inhibited heroes


Picture the brochure for Charles Xavier’s safe haven for mutants. You might be fearing for your life, but look what’s on offer. Holographic training rooms, alien technology, a blackbird jet under the basketball court and of course the frequent chance to travel into space. Now picture a school for gifted youngsters on a shoestring English school budget. In Eve g’s Inhibit the plush mansion is replaced by grey, crumbling utilitarian government buildings. It’s the X-men with a downtrodden English attitude, overworked and underfunded.


Started in December Inhibit features the young trainees of the Urquhart Clinic a training and research facility as a young Victor Allen is dropped off at the center, being given ‘inhibitors’ to dampen his, as yet, unrevealed powers. As well as school life, Inhibit also introduces trained adult members of a task force as they begin investigating the scene of an arson attack. In its first two chapters alone, Eve has managed to create a truly diverse cast in terms of race, gender and looks. One of the comics most upbeat and charming characters has a prosthetic leg which is revealed subtly and without drama in a montage detailing the students’ morning routines. While focusing on a few central characters there are others in the background and the cast page that I look forward to seeing.

Eve’s art style is both playful and cartoony, her faces cute and expressive already showing a steady progression in technique. Having seen examples of her dynamic and sprightly artwork that isn’t inhibited (sorry) by being produced on a very tight deadline, I’m really excited to see where the comic goes once she hits her stride and gets more into the routine of producing it on a weekly basis



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