Fantagraphics announce new collection of stories from Jason, “If You Steal”


Seattle based Fantagraphics have just made an announcement about new releases that has made me extremely excited for September. Nestled at the bottom of a list of intriguing titles is a listing for a new Jason book, If You Steal.


Jason is one of my all time favourite cartoonists, and after being recommended his wordless Sshhhh!, I was instantly hooked and began gobbling up his books en masse . His stories are almost always deadpan, and more often than not deal with loneliness and heartbreak. Even so their is an undeniable warmth to them and his stark art style and simplicity of his anthropomorphic characters, slight and drawn without pupils, belies just how expressive and complex they are as characters.

Like the excellent Low Moon, this one also looks like it will be a collection of shorter stories based around his many fascinating interests and pre-occupations, which usually means a mix of both of pop culture and high culture, spinning them in fresh and unusual ways (four literary giants pulling a heist anyone?) and from the listing If You Steal looks set to serve up another heady and unusual mix of stories.

I’d strongly recommend you to check out his work, Werewolves of Montpelier, I Killed Adolf Hitler I and Why are you doing this? being among my favourites Oh, for those of you still clinging onto “long underwear characters” Jason’s work shows up in Marvels Strange Tales, with a hilarious, farcical little romp featuring Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus

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