Webcomic Spotlight: Van Weasel sings the Songs of the Outcasts

When I wrote my first webcomics spotlight I featured two original anthropomorphic comics, however I eventually switched out one of them at the last minute for another comic. This spotlight hasn’t been featured on a website anywhere as at the time I was just getting back into writing and was hesitant to feature something that is a little more sexualy explicit then people might have ready for on bleedingcool.
Consider that fair warning that the comics tumblr is very NSFW!
Song of the Outcasts by Van Weasel
Song of the Outcasts is a comic that stood out to me for both it’s treatment of anthropomorphism as well as it’s unique art style. Van Weasel presents a world in which a small portion of anthropomorphic citizens live among regular humans, referred to as ‘altered’. Once fashionable but now outlawed and shunned, it shows them eking out a meagre living on the fringes of society, presenting a tale of the rash decisions of youth and what happens when the music stops and party ends.
The work of American artist Van Weasel who presents their post-humanist science fiction story through the eyes of Solomon, a young man born altered as he navigates life and with weighty themes of persecution, belonging and alienation. I was reminded of Robert Crumbs work in the unapologeticly fluid and grotesque depictions of the characters. Like plasticine models rendered in comic form, presented wrinkles and all. The frank and explicit sex scenes (no, wait! come back!) might not be for everyone but fit with the artwork, giving the whole comic the whole 70’s underground comix vibe.

The artist also recently completed the hilarious high concept “Leather High”. It’s about as family friendly and not safe for work as you’d expect a comic called “Leather High” and if you have to ask what it is, it’s probably not for you.



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